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The evolution of the Kisses And Caroms Poster

First I photographed the seXy legs.

Next I photographed the SHY feet.

Finally I shot the goofy toes.

Here I comped the three together.

Then I enhanced the color and removed the yellowish tinge on the blanket.

I shot the model with her arms stretched for a slimmer look.

Here I sculpted a more hourglass figure, particularly around the panties.

Now I comped in a different shirt for a more relaxed boob look.

Time to enhance the boobs.

Add a little more nipple.

Here is the final version with the added tattoo. This file was sent off to David Williams photography for him to add the finishing touches.

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This is the final result of David's magic.

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This is the bastardized version that was used on the Warner Bros. DVD.