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This is the upsell section. Once someone buys a pool table they MUST choose a cloth color. By placing the cloth next to the pockets and equipment packages. I could bait them into upgrading those items.

First I purchased a shirt display bar then cut it down to 24" to hang the cloth colors on.

Next I took 1" slat wall hooks and bent them up to hold the pockets. I then purchased plastic keychain tags. The kind used to label keys and attached those to the pockets using bead ball chain. These tags were color coded by price and contained the necessary part numbers.

Above the cloth you'll notice wood samples. I took flat slat wall hooks and ground off the hook so I could screw the plate to the wood thus allowing me to display the samples neatly but in such a way that they could be easily removed for examination.

Above the wood samples are 5 pocket irons ranging from plastic to die cast. Our pockets were die cast, so to cement the sale I had out display iron chromed making it look nice and shinny.

Our two equipment packs were also displayed here to round out the accessory corner. Note the ball displays at the top. I cut out the center part of the box top, placed an 1/8" piece of plexi under it and taped the box shut to create an elegant display box.

Photography by me.