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The Neon Black Last Supper

I needed a black last supper prop for the movie Kisses and Caroms. The image on the left I picked up at a flea market. I was unable to trackdown the copyright owner so I decided to create or recreate me own.

Here is another Last Supper. I used this one as a basis.

After knocking out the background of the second image, I combined the heads from the first image with it.

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Here's the final image. I had it printed on cloth. The same cloth used on custom Las Vegas blackjack tables. This allowed me to have a print that wouldn't give off a glare or reflection.

Here is the final neon art prop. I had a neon tube made to size, then I drilled holes in the sign, mounted the tube and wired it up. The added gold frame firmly drives the tacky statement home.