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Work I performed
- I created the animaited Logo's - I did the fine edit
- Bulit the opening graphics in After Effects
- Created the closeing credits in AE
- Played the music on a midi
- Wrote and shot the Center of Balloon Control scene
- Sound design
- Obtained the high quality source footage
I created this production logo with Logomotion.
FBI Warning
The surround sound audio for this FBI logo would fly around the room. The text FBI Warning changed colors and the bar under it represented the color bars. This one logo allowed us to see if color was correct, and sound was on, all the while getting the legal speak out of the way.
Work I performed:
- I assembled these stills in PhotoShop then animated them with Premiere.
- Each letter was hand sync'd to audio.
Apple Macintosh THX logo
This was a fun little logo I did combining Apple with THX.
note: the audio is the THX sound played backward.
Night World Entertainment Logo
This logo was created for the parent company behind Naked Hollywood. No audio was needed as this was played on the clubs video system while the DJ spun.
Work I performed
- I created the concept.
- Logo done with Logomotion.
- Morph done with Morph
- Wolfs done in PhotoShop
- Final Edit in Premiere
Naked Hollywood Spots
These were made for the club Naked Hollywood. These logos ran on the clubs video system while the DJ spun steel.
Work I performed
- I didn't have any logo to start with, which is why the three are different.
- The steel and Bricks were created from scratch in PhotoShop.
- Animations were done with After Effects.
- Final edit in Premiere.